Available in Store

Rockin' Pack ( 9,999 Store gem )

ROCK N' ROLL!!! Play live music in-game with 3 Rare musical instruments, Starchild Makeup, a Rockin' Headband, Leopard Leggings, a Shredded T-Shirt, a Drumkit, 6 Stage Supports, 6 Mega Rock Speakers, and 6 Rock N' Roll Wallpaper.

This pack was released on the 13th of July, 2014.

It costs 9,999 gems because it probably looks cooler than the regular 10,000 gems.

Pack includes:

News Article: July 13th: THE MAGIC OF MUSIC! Introducing the Rockin' Pack! More boring items to collect? WRONG, you can actually live jam real songs with your friends!



Rockin' Pack in store.


A player with a Keytar.

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