To keep this place fun we've got some ground rules to check out:

  1. Keep your password secret. Sharing your password will result in stolen items.
  2. Unprotected items are at risk of being stolen. Use doors, locks, and blocks wisely to protect your items.
  3. We cannot return stolen items, so BE CAREFUL!
  4. Be civil. Bullying, racism, excessive profanity, sexual content, and abusive behavior are not allowed.
  5. Players that are harmful to the community may be banned. This includes accounts use lies, fake games, or trickery to mistreat other players.
  6. Punishments may be applied to alt accounts as well as any devices and IP addresses used by the offender.
  7. Trying to get punished or asking for a punishment can earn you a worse punishment.
  8. ''Hacking'' the game - including client-side manipulation, auto-clickers, speed hacks, clock manipulation, bots, macroing, and auto-farming - will result in a ban.
  9. Don't lie about mods or fake official Growtopia system messages.
  10. ''Drop games''are illegal scams. you can be punished for hosting, playing, advertising, or even watching.
  11. Betting or gambling (asking players to pay for a chance to win something) is not allowed.
  12. If you find a world or player name that is violation of our rules, message a @Mod. Do not /bc or /sb from an inappropriate world.
  13. @Moderators are here to enforce the rules. Abusing, spamming or harassing mods will have consequences
  14. Accounts, locks, or worlds maybe deleted after long periods or inactivity.
  15. Out of game buying/selling of Growtopia accounts, items or worlds is not allowed and may result in a ban.
  16. IAP fraud will result in permanent suspension.
  17. Item function and prices are subject to change without warning.
  18. Your creations and items could be deleted at any time. We do everything in our power to prevent this, but date loss may happen without warning. Lost items cannot be restored.
  19. For technical support, IAP issues, or to report a problem, please email

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