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@Seth (Seth Able Robinson) is the Growtopia Developer cooperating with @Hamumu (Mike Hommel). @Seth owns Robinson Technologies[1]. Together, they have the Highest position in Growtopia. They are known for creating Growtopia, They have their Superpower (Developer-only) abilities, and their Heroman Cape, an exclusive Developer item.

@Seth has a few worlds, such as BETA and TREASUREFUN.

His sons are named Cosmo and Eon and his wife is Akiko.

He specially likes to add/use adjectives before his name for fun such as @SleepySeth, @CrazySeth, @SuperSeth, @CircusSeth, @RacingSeth and etc. Only Developers can do that.

Seth gives the Ultra Trophy 3000 to the World Of The Day winners for that periodically of time.

Seth is also the growtopian in the Growtopia Trailer and can be associated with the Messy Brown Hair item.

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