Shockinator (Rarity: 61)

High Voltage can lead to severe trauma and even, In extreme cases, frizzy hair.


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Pain Block
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 4 hits
Grow Time 2d 15h 33m 31s
Tree Style Style 3 Style 6
Seed Style Style 3 Style 6
Colour #B0B0B0 #FFDE07
By Combining

ItemSprites.png Chemical G x10

ItemSprites.png Chemical R x5

ItemSprites.png Chemical P x1

In any Chemical Combiner.

This recipe will give 3 item(s).
The Shockinator is a pain block, added along with the Mad Science Kit. It deals damage to the player when they touch it, just like the Cactus and disregards items such as Asbestos Boots.