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Something Like This Happens In A Special Event!

Special events can happen anywhere, anytime. There needs to be at least one person in the world for an event to spawn, the more people the higher the chance an event will spawn. There are two ways to activate an event:

  • You may purchase an item (such as the Piñata Whistle) which allows you to activate the an event anywhere, anytime you please.
  • The server randomly chooses a place to spawn an event at times.

Types of Special Events

  • Beautiful Crystal - You have 30 seconds to find and grab the Crystal Block Seed.
  • Chemical Spill! - Toxic Waste spawns everywhere.
  • Deathmatch - Punching people gives you a little of their Gems for 1 minute.
  • Desert Blast - You have 30 second to find and grab Desert Blast.
  • Dr. Destructo - You need to defeat Dr. Destructo by punching him, before he escapes. If he was defeated, everyone on the world will get the "Hero" secret achievement,
  • Egg Hunt! - 20 magic eggs spawn around the world. Only occurs during Easter Week.
  • Howling at the Moon - You have 30 seconds to find and grab the 3 Wolf Whistles.

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