Growtopia Steam Pack
Available in Store

Steam Pack ( 20,000 Store gem )

Steam! It's a wondrous new technology that lets you create paths of Steam Blocks, then jump on a Steam Stomper to launch a jet of steam through the path, triggering steam-powered devices. Build puzzles, song, parkour challenges, and more! Pack includes 10 Steam Tubes, 2 Steam Stompers, 2 Steam Organs, 2 Steam Vents, 2 Steam Valves and a Rare Steampunk Top Hat.

The Steampack, or Steam Pack, was released alongside Growtopia's 3rd Anniversary Week in 2016. This pack is available for 20,000 gems in the gem store. With these items you can also mix them and make new items!

Contents of the Pack

This pack includes:

Additional Info:

With these Steam Items, you can make crazy machines, like puzzles, parkour or such.

@Hamumu stated that he will try and add more Steam Block items in the future (Hamumu's Blog, scroll down)

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