There are 13 Surgical Tools used while Performing Surgeries. Any of these tools can fall from a Surgical Tool tree.

To grow, plant a Surgical Tool Seed. (Or splice a High Tech Wall Seed with a Biohazard Sign Seed)

Function of the tools

  1. Antiseptic = Sanitizes the patient, abit cleans the operating site.
  2. Anesthetic =Makes the patient knock down/sleep.
  3. Scalpel =Opens the patient's body.
  4. Stitches = Closes up the opened body of the patient.
  5. Sponge = Cleans the bleed of the patient.
  6. Antibiotics = Lowers the patient's temperature or fever.
  7. Splint = Fixes a broken bone.
  8. Surgical Lab Kit = Use before #Surgical Antibiotics
  9. Surgical Pins = Use to fix a Shattered bone
  10. Surgical Transfusion = Use if patient's blood is low
  11. Surgical Ultrasound = Use to diagnose the patient
  12. Surgical Defibrilator = Use to re-start the patient's heart
  13. Surgical Clamp = Stop bleed but keep the cut open

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