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Tiny Horsie
A player riding the Tiny Horsie

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Core information
Name Tiny Horsie
Rarity 999
Editable Type Leaves a trail
Action Equipment
Extra information
Drop Chance 0

Clothing Type Feet

Seed Style 8/0/0/0
Seed Color
Overlay Color
Tiny Horsie Store Button
SmoshFan101Added by SmoshFan101

Tiny Horsie is a clothing item for the feet. When equipped, the player is displayed riding a small horse. Like Air Robinsons, Tiny Horsie increases movement speed to twice as fast by adding the Speedy mod when equipped. It is only obtainable from the Growtopia Store, costing 25,000 Gems and being one of the most expensive shop items alongside the Turtle Hat and the Pleiadian Star Ship

The Tiny Horsie has a special galloping animation when the player is moving. The horse also dances with the player when they use the '/dance' emote command.

It was advertised on the Growtopia Gazette as being "for those that wish to travel in true style, of a sort..."

In-game description:

"It's possible this is actually a dachshund, but you can still ride it! It's faster than walking."

This Item can't be spliced.

This Item Never Drops any Seeds.

The Tiny Horse has the same speed mod as the Pleiadian Star Ship

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