Available in Store

Vegas Pack ( 20,000 Store gem )

"What happens in Growtopia stays in Growtopia! Buy this pack to get 10 Neon Lights, a Card Block Seed, a Rare Pink Cadillac to drive, 4 Flipping Coins, a Dice Block, a Gambler's Visor, a Slot Machine, a Roulette Wheel, and an entire Showgirl Outfit!"

This pack was released on the 25th of May, 2013. On March 2nd, 2014 the pack was removed from the store for re-balancing. It returned on April 26th, 2014; though it now costs 20,000 Gems rather than 5,000, it doesn't have a Rabbit's Foot in it anymore, and it comes with its own special Pink Cadillac vehicle.

Pack includes:

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