Water Bucket (Rarity: 12)

Splash it around to make things wet. It can also scoop up water, though there's a good chance you'll just spill it. Butterfingers.



Internal Data
Category Consumable
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 3 hits
Grow Time 34m 48s
Tree Style Style 3 Style 6
Seed Style Style 11 Style 6
Colour #377AAF #A7A7A7

The Water Bucket is an item used to place water in your world. If you walk in it it will slow you down. Wearing the Swim Fins or Ring Of Water can counteract the decrease in movement speed in the water, and wearing a Sea Monster Floatie or Water Wings will allow you to float on water. If you put it in a vertical row you can swim to the top (like unlimited double jump). Hitting a damaging block like Lava or Cactus will make your jumps very lower and cause you to fall. It was released with the SummerFest event and can be obtained from the limited Beach Blast Bingo! store pack or be spliced in any world. With the new Silkworm update, Water buckets can also be used on thirsty silkworms.

This can also be obtained from the Undersea Blast (costs 15,000 gems in the Store). When used, the whole world will be filled with water.


The tree of this item can be made by mixing the following seeds:
SeedSprites.png Aqua Block Seed
SeedSprites.png Toilet Seed

Additional Info

Unlike most regular items, it cannot be broken by a fist.

If you try to put water in a world not owned by you, the water will just "splash" out a few drops.

To remove water, you must select a Water Bucket from your inventory then click on the water you want to remove. This puts the water back into your inventory. However, there is a chance that the water would not return to your inventory.

Remember to always leave at least 1 block of water in your inventory when placing water. If your water bucket runs out of water it will get discarded automatically, so you will be unable to pick up water until you grow another tree.

The ways to get the seed are:

to harvest it from the trees ( Chance)

Small Seed Packs

Purchasing From People.

As of 6/12/2015 (Block Party Week) The well is added as a provider for water buckets. Although its consistent, you can only get it through special events and trading.

You can also use water to put out fires, but you will lose the bucket.

If player is in the "water block" created by Water Bucket, you will display special "breath holding" animation.


Bandicam 2016-07-06 18-53-15-862

Player "holding breath" under water.

How to make water Bucket in growtopia from Dirt02:13

How to make water Bucket in growtopia from Dirt

Water Bucket Schema GT

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