Wood Block (Rarity: 2)

A solid chunk of Bolivian Manzantia, polished to a mirror sheen.



Internal Data
Category Foreground Block
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 3 hits
Grow Time 1m 8s
Tree Style Style 2 Style 4
Seed Style Style 2 Style 4
Colour #AE763A #F8C78E

The Wood Block is a block with a wood-like appearance. This is an ideal block for new players when it comes to building homes and other buildings, as it is also farmable and its seeds can be easily sold to make fast World Locks, or spliced to make a lot of stuff.

Wood block is also one of the items essential to most splicing coombinations.


The tree of this item can be made by mixing the following seeds:
SeedSprites.png Dirt Seed
SeedSprites.png Lava Seed

Additional Info:

As of the Block Party update, the Mission Block can now be obtained from breaking Wood Blocks or harvesting Wood Block Trees.

There is a similar block called the Secret Passage, which is a Wood Block when placed correctly. This is one of the common causes for world trade scams, but may have been lessened thanks to updates, that prevented worlds from trading if there is a loose item.

Wood Block can be farmed.

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