World Lock

Locks an entire world. If you have 100 World Locks, you can tap them in your inventory to combine them into a Diamond Lock. It does the same thing, but it's shinier.


This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench.
This item never drops any seeds.
This item can't be destroyed - smashing it will return it to your backpack if you have room!
A lock makes it so only you (and designated friends) can edit an area.

Internal Data
Category Lock
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 42 hits
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 1 Style 2
Seed Style Style 9 Style 2
Colour #CF410E #4EF44C
The World Lock is the highest tier lock apart from the Diamond Lock, Robotic Lock, Emerald Lock, Ruby Lock, Harmonic Lock and Royal Lock. It is only available from the Growtopia Store and costs 2,000 Gems. When recycled it gives 200 gems. World Locks are a sort of currency in Growtopia since Gems cannot be traded. Only one World Lock can be placed in a world at any time except if somebody else's lock is in the way.
Available in Store

World Lock ( 2,000 Store gem )

Become the undisputed ruler of your domain with one of these amazing babies. It works like a normal lock except it locks the entire world! Won't work on worlds that other people already have locks on. You can even add additional normal locks to give access to certain areas to friends. It's a perma-item, and is never lost when destroyed. Recycles for 200 Gems"

Additional Information


The World Lock like the one in Inventory. The empty keyhole means that this is not your World Lock, but you have been granted access to modify that world.

When placed in a world where no other lock has been placed by other players, it proceeds to 'lock' the entire world, giving the owner of the lock full control over the world, and a bright green name while they are in their world.

A world lock can be bought from Locke for 5 Huge Locks. In gem currency, it is worth the same as 4 Huge Locks, 10 Big Locks and 40 Small Locks.

While the lock is in place, your world is protected. Only users with access to the lock will be able to modify the world. By default, only the lock owner has access, but he/she can add other players to the lock, who will then be given light green names, whereas the owner's name is a darker shade of green.

When 100 World Locks are tapped on in the inventory, a Diamond Lock is created. If 100 World Locks are being turned to world locks, the remaining 100 World Locks are still in the inventory. The following messages appear under these circumstances:

When Compressing: "You compressed 100 World Locks into a Diamond Lock!"

When Shattering: "You shattered a Diamond Lock into 100 World Lock!"

The benefits ONLY for the owner of the World Lock upon wrenching are:

  • Make Sheet Music invisible to the public and transparent to the owner and the ones with access to the World Lock.
  • Disable Sheet Music from being played throughout the world.
  • Set the world to Public and anyone is able to place any block except for Locks.
  • Add and remove the access of players from the lock (players with access can remove their own access too upon wrenching).
  • Change the music's speed (BPM).
  • Set world category (For rating).
  • Obtain the World Key (this can only be obtained if no one else has access to the lock).
  • Able to insert and remove items from a Vending Machine.

The World Lock with total ownership access. The green key means it is yours, and you have access to it

The benefits for the players who have access on a World Lock:

  • Modify any part of the world except for areas where the owner has placed a lock.
  • Kick players in the world, forcing players to respawn and ignoring checkpoints (excluding the owner), by using /kick or the Wrench. (Owner can kick anybody)
  • Ban players from the world for one hour (excluding the owner and the ones who have access) by using /ban or the Wrench.
  • Pull any player from their current position in the world to wherever players with access are (excluding the owner), by using /pull or the Wrench.
  • Kick all players to the white door within 5 seconds (excluding the owner and those with access) by using /kickall (this takes 10 mins to recharge).

The World Lock was previously the most expensive shop item in the game, costing 2,000 gems, (formerly, 10,000 Gems, but was reduced for being too overpriced) alongside the Signal Jammer, until items such as the Dragon Hand, among Item Packs and other things, were added into the store.


The World Lock without access. The red key means that it is not yours, and you do not have access to it.

Once it has been placed, the owner of the lock can place Huge, Big and Small Locks which can have separate permissions to the World Lock, allowing the owner to dedicate free build areas or to protect rare items.

It takes 42 punches to destroy and returns to your inventory IF YOU HAVE SPACE otherwise it refuses to be broken and you cannot place it if there are other locks in the world that are not yours,It would say that you have no room to pick it up.

Anyone with access to any lock is able to remove their own access by wrenching the lock and clicking "Remove Your Access" (if you are not the owner of the lock), or typing "/unaccess" and pressing "Yes".

Growtopians who have received access from the owner must Wrench theirselves to accept the access which has been offered.

Most players call this item a 'WL' as short-form for 'World Lock'.

On July 2, 2015, there was a new update for the World Lock and other locks where the outline of the item when dropped or in inventory was made orange to help differentiate locks and other items.

New World Lock Outlin


  • World Locks is the most popular currency in Growtopia. You will usually see people going about and selling items for World Locks.
  • When the game was first created, World Locks were priced at 10,000 gems, but was reduced to 2,000 gems due to being overpriced.
  • People with access to the World Lock (excluding the owner) cannot edit Vending Machines. The Machine will instead count anybody with access as a normal player. People with access CAN still break the Vending Machines as long as it's empty.
  • You can get the World Key, then remove the World Lock, and the World Key would still be in your inventory.
  • Fixed Glitch - On 2015's Player Appreciation Week, World Keys could be sold with Vending Machines, but the world would not transfer to the buyer, thus taking the buyer's World Locks. This was fixed shortly after.
  • If a world lock is removed from a world , all the achievement blocks will have their pattern removed , 

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