Available in Store

Zombie Defense Pack ( 10,000 Store gem )

The zombie invasion has come. Protect yourself with a Rare Sawed-Off Shotgun, Combat Vest, Zombie-Stompin' Boots, 3 Traffic Barricades, a Military Radio, and Best of all, you get an Antidote! You'll also get 3 Toxic Waste Barrels, 3 Biohazard Signs, 3 Tombstones, and worst of all, the deadly G-Virus itself! (Rare)! Infect Your Friends!

The Zombie Defense Pack can be bought in the store for 10,000 Gems.


  • 1 Combat Vest [Green Wallpaper Seed + Aqua Wallpaper Seed]
  • 1 Military Radio [Sheet Music: Sharp Bass Note Seed + Biohazard Sign Seed]
  • 1 Antidote [Blueberry Seed + Apple Seed]
  • 1 G-Virus (RARE) [Not spliceable!]

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